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Safely store your pro-made fans in our promade storage system. Remove white strip to reveal sticky silver strip and place your pro-made fans directly on them and you are all set for your next client! These are also perfect to include in training kits for students.



Purifying Lash Primer The perfect pre-treatment prep for the best lash retention! This Purifying Lash Primer removes dirt and oil from the natural lash, while also increasing the porosity of the hair cuticle. This results in maximum retention as the natural lash now has a stronger attachment to the adhesive. Benefits of using Lashere’s Purifying Lash Primer: •Balances PH level of lashes •Gently removes debris, sebum, and dead skin cells from natural lashes prior to attachment for lash extensions •Contains tri-peptides that will also moisturize, condition, and strengthen the natural lashes Caution: For professional use only. Allow 3 minutes from application of primer to application of adhesive.



Our adhesive remover is both sensitive and effective. It has a thick consistency, which helps to coat the desired lashes for removal without seeping into your clients’ eyes. Made with all-natural ingredients and free of any harmful additives, this adhesive remover gently breaks down the glue while still protecting the outer coatings of the clients’ natural lashes. Directions: Step One: Simply coat the desired lashes you want to remove with this adhesive remover Step Two: Let sit for about 5 minutes Step Three: Gently remove the lashes with a Qtip, microbrush, or tweezers Step Four: Clean your clients’ lashes with Lashere’s lash bath Step Five: Dry lashes. You are now ready to start your full set or fill



Our Dual Brush is specially designed to clean and comb lashes. Can be used during application and post application. Comes in a pack of 3.



Our Jade Stone keeps your lash extension glue at a nice, cool room temperature.


Comfort Care Tapes

1 COUNT Our comfort care tapes were made for our sensitive clients who appreciates a little bit more comfort. The tapes are the right amount of stickiness to tape down the bottom lashes but will not irritate your client whatsoever. Super malleable and an effortless removal. Available in pink, lilac, and blue.



1 COUNT Flexible and soft, these tapes are the best in the industry for lashing. Sticky, but very malleable and will contour to client’s unique features.



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