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Please note: All sales on our adhesives are final and cannot be returned. A fast drying adhesive for advanced lash artists that bonds and cures in 0.5 seconds. Ethereal Adhesive gives everlasting retention while bonding at an incredibly fast speed. Caution: To be used by advanced volume experience lash artists only. HUMIDITY : 30% TO 75% TEMPERATURE : 60 DEG F TO 80 DEG Shake well before using. Always keep the glue nozzle clean. MANUFACTURE’S INSTRUCTIONS: Shake glue from side to side vigorously for 2 minutes at the first use of each day.  Store in an air-tight container overnight if adhesive is opened, or in freezer if adhesive is unopened.  Use within 4 weeks (30 days) of opening DISCLAIMER: Must be a certified advance lash technician to use this adhesive Avoid any contact with skin or cotton when using this adhesive Excessive glue use can result in chemical burns or




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