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Introducing our long curved tweezers in a new color way! These long curved tweezers are specifically designed for creating classic & volume lash sets.  It has a medium to high-pressure grip that allows you to smoothly pull the lashes off the strip. The slender and pointy tip allows for precision placement. Works efficiently with one the strip (OTS), Rolling or Rainbow techniques, shimmying, pinching, and Flower Bouquet techniques. This tweezer was made from Japanese stainless steel This tweezer has been handtested on 6 different lash brands This tweezer has been handtested on 0.03mm 15D fans, 0.05mm 10D fans, and 0.07mm 5D fans This tweezer has been handtested at 5 different pickup points to ensure full range sharpness RECOMMENDED USE: Glue on tweezers WILL affect the efficiency of the tweezers. Please use 100% pure acetone to remove all glue residues on tweezers. You can do this during your lash sessions. Allow acetone



INTRODUCING OUR FAWN 45 TWEEZERS! It's our redesigned 45 tweezer in a new color way with the same beneficial features. As the tweezer tip is 2mm longer than previous 45 tweezers,  this feature allows for more precision during the pick up, fanning, & placement phase. Other redesign features include: 1) Weight - tweezers are now slightly lighter to avoid lash artist hand fatigue during long lash appointments & work hours 2) Grip Control - With proportional tweezer length to weight ratio, this allows more flexibility of both tweezers to maintain the perfect grip without overwhelming pressure from the lash artists’ fingers. Grip Control is now more effortless. 3) Tweezer Tips - Slightly Sharper & thinner & now 2mm longer to separate and fan out even the thinnest 0.02mm lashes for symmetrical fanning and precise placement.   RECOMMENDED USE: Glue on tweezers WILL affect the efficiency of the tweezers. Please use 100%




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