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Not a fan of straight iso tweezers? Well, this Wispy Semi Curve Iso Tweezer was meant just for you!

Slightly curved to allow a more relaxed isolation hold. With a slim and narrow tip, these tweezers offer precise separation even when working with the thinnest of natural lashes!

Also available in Blush (search “Bei Semi Curve Tweezers”)



  • Glue on tweezers WILL affect the efficiency of the tweezers. Please use 100% pure acetone to remove all glue residues on tweezers. You can do this during your lash sessions. Allow acetone to dry prior to reusing tweezers.
  • DO NOT use sand paper as this will affect the sharpness of the tweezers.
  • Properly disinfect tweezers after every single use with barbicide liquid and antibacterial soap.
  • LASHERE is not responsible for any misuse of tweezers.


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