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Please note: All sales on our adhesives are final and cannot be returned.

Our XIXI Adhesive is a complete game changer. With rapid dry time at 0.5 to 1 second and bonds up to 8 weeks, XIXI Adhesive allows you to work faster & more efficiently while also giving your lash sets the very best retention in all seasons. Pitch black in color and very thin viscosity, XIXI Adhesive is pure magic. 

  • Available in 5ml and 10ml
  • Optimal in 70 degrees F & 50%-60% humidity
  • 8 week retention
  • 0.5 – 1 second dry time



  • Shake glue from side to side vigorously for 2 minutes at the first use of each day. 
  • Glue should be used in 70 degrees F and within 50% – 60% humidity
  • For more humid climates or during the summer, please use a professional dehumidifier to regulate temperature and humidity accordingly
  • Store in fridge overnight if adhesive is opened, or in freezer if adhesive is unopened. 
  • Freezer storage will last up to 12 months
  • Fridge storage should last 3-4 weeks
  • Use within 4 weeks (30 days) of opening



  • Must be a certified advance lash technician to use this adhesive
  • Avoid any contact with skin or cotton when using this adhesive
  • Excessive glue use can result in chemical burns or fume burns
  • Sensitivity or allergic reactions to adhesive can develop over time
  • LASHERE is not responsible for any misuse of this adhesive



$30.00$60.00 or from $24.00$48.00 / month

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