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Product Description

The Business Blueprint Masterclass is the business course for that you’ll need as a beauty business owner and an entrepreneur. If you’ve been thinking about how to officially take your small business to the next level with registering as an LLC, setting important goals to grow, trademarking your business name, and even setting up your business to eventually hire employees — this course is for you!

Students within this class will go over their Business Blueprint, goals, purpose and setting up a strong foundation with your business mindset. Once a good foundation is established, students will move on to learning all of the legalities needed to protect your business.

There is a bonus of contracts and waiver forms for students to download and customize as their own.

Here is the full list of itinerary within this Business Blueprint masterclass.

Students will learn:

  • Business Mindset
  • Business Blueprint
  • LLC & other entities (how to register your business)
  • Business EIN Number
  • Trademarking Your Company
  • Licensing
  • Contracts & Waiver Forms (BONUS)
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