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Signature Plush Collection


Product Description

Our newest Signature Plush Collection is made of our softest mink lashes yet. It was created with the intention of making the dreamiest, wispiest, and most luxurious mega fans hence the name, Signature Plush.

The Signature Plush Collection provides the same dark and dense appearance of mink lashes but glides as smoothy as silk lashes do. It combines the best of both worlds – the dark density of mink lashes and buttery smoothness of silk lashes.
Our Signature Plush Collection comes in diameters 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm & now – 0.02mm! We are introducing our newest diameter 0.02mm in this collection. 0.02mm allows for even wider, wispier mega fans and is unbelievably soft, fluffy, and buttery. It creates a dreamy, wispy mega set effortlessly. It ensures that all your wispy fans fan out smoothly with little to no effort. 
  • The Signature Plush Collection lashes are made from non sticky faux mink fibers & sits on a thin glue strip. Lashes are softer than ever and fans out effortlessly to create the widest wispy fans possible 
  • Semi-matte black, no blue hue; create denser, darker, more dramatic mega volume sets
  • Extremely soft, plush, and buttery; wispy fans fan out effortlessly
  • Foil-backed strips, leaving no paper residue on lash tiles. Easy peel off 
  • 16 strips of lashes per tray; over 4,000 lashes per tray
  • Available in 0.02mm, 0.03mm, 0.05mm, and 0.07mm
  • Available in C, CC, D, DD, LC, L, & M curls
  • Available in lengths 9mm to 20mm

**All international customers are responsible for any custom/VAT fees that occur when the product arrives to your country.**


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