These long curved tweezers are specifically designed for creating classic & volume lash sets.

  •  It has a medium to high-pressure grip that allows you to smoothly pull the lashes off the strip.
  • The slender and pointy tip allows for precision placement.
  • Works efficiently with one the strip (OTS), Rolling or Rainbow techniques, shimmying, pinching, and Flower Bouquet techniques.
  • This tweezer was made from Japanese stainless steel
  • This tweezer has been handtested on 6 different lash brands
  • This tweezer has been handtested on 0.03mm 15D fans, 0.05mm 10D fans, and 0.07mm 5D fans
  • This tweezer has been handtested at 5 different pickup points to ensure full range sharpness


  • Glue on tweezers WILL affect the efficiency of the tweezers. Please use 100% pure acetone to remove all glue residues on tweezers. You can do this during your lash sessions. Allow acetone to dry prior to reusing tweezers.
  • DO NOT use sand paper as this will affect the sharpness of the tweezers.
  • Properly disinfect tweezers after every single use with barbicide liquid and antibacterial soap.
  • LASHERE is not responsible for any misuse of tweezers.


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