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Infinity Bonder


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Product Description

Infinity Bonder

Ditch your nano mister and start using our Infinity Bonder!

Our Infinity Bonder is specifically designed to effectively dry and cure the lash extensions, providing the best retention possible. 

Benefits of using Lashere’s Infinity Bonder:

    • Universal, works with any adhesive
    • Best possible retention
    • Eliminates all glue fumes 
    • Cures the extensions almost immediately


Wait and fan your client for 2-3 minutes after you’ve finished. Dispense 2 drops of our Infinity Bonder on a microfibre brush or lip wand applicator. Apply bonder to the base of the lash extension aka where the adhesive/ bond of the natural lash and lash extension is. Make sure to get every lash.

Caution: This product is for professional use only. All proper licensing and regulations must be met prior to the use of this product. Avoid contact with skin. Never mis directly with adhesives, must wait 2-3 minutes for adhesives to properly dry. Keep away from heat, children, and pets.

**All international customers are responsible for any custom/VAT fees that occur when the product arrives to your country.**

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